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Tag Along Tour 1 vehicle 3 hours on the sand. Multiple drivers can drive your vehicle and receive instruction as long as they are licenced.

During this 3 hours session our guide will instruct  you on many things including tyre pressures, beach driving ettiqute, basic recovery techniques, finding your vehicle capabilities and your comfort level as a beach driver.

Our aim is that at the end of this session you will be able to take your own vehicle onto a beach and 4wd with a level of confidence and know what to do to get yourself out of trouble.

Come and learn off our experienced instructors and dont become a beach recovery statistic or turn your pride and joy into a submarine.

Tag Along Tour

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  • Should Port Stephens Beach Fishing Safaris need to cancel a booking a full refund will be provided.

    Should the customer need to cancel a booking if it is before 24hours prior the customer can reschedule their tour at no expense.

    Should the customer cancel the booking with less than 24hours notice or fail to show up at the arranged booking meeting time the customer shall forfeit any payments that have been made. It is at the discretion of the management whether an alternative arrangement is made.

  • Q: Is my vehicle suitable for this experience?

    A: As a general rule anything with a 4wd system where it can be locked in will be fine. But call us to confirm.

    Q: What if i get stuck/bogged? 
    A: That is fine and it means you have learnt about vehicle limit or conditions. We are there to show you how to self recover and if that doesnt work we have recovery equipment.

    Q: Do i need a permit?

    A: Yes depending on which beach we use yes you will. Most of our tag alongs are in the myall lakes national park and require a pass. its $8 for the day if you dont have an all parks pass from NPWS or myall lakes NP pass.

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